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The Greater Is Coming

Part 3- The Pressing

Throughout this series, we’ve seen God’s children being shaken and beaten as God leads us toward greater value. Now we will see how we are pressed to produce something of greater value than ourselves. We’ll also see how we can press or push things around us to give birth to what God has inside of us.

We we think about the word press, we think of an action. The first thing that comes to my mind is the phrase, "press play." If you look at the phrase press play and take it's action into depth, it really represents the message we are studying right now. When you press the button play, something happens. Either a movie comes on, the television comes or music begins to play. Either way, something happens when play is pressed.

This is how it is with us and God. We have to be pressed in order for something to happen to us. Just like the olives. If they are never pressed, they wouldn't produce olive oil and we wouldn't be able to use all of it's nutrients like we do. God wants us to use the nutrients he gave us just like the olive. In order for this to be done, he has to press it out of us. And once he has pressed on us so much we then should be able to become the pressers because we have been pressed by the BEST!

Pastor Aubrey Miller

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